Day 7 Book-a-Day Challenge: A Book that made you cry

Something that does not happen very often as I don’t cry at the drop of a hat but this book had me in tears like no other. Yes it is a tearjerker but still a really really good book.


Hazel knows she is dying since the moment she has been diagnosed. A little miracle causes her tumor to shrink a bit this way buying her a little more time and then there is this cool guy in her Cancer Kids Support Group …

What a rollercoaster of a book, I can’t remember when I nearly simultaneously laughed and cried so hard whilst reading. John Green entered an area in this book that most writers especially for young adults have tried to avoid – Life and Death and all the messy bits in between.

A story about Love in the face of death told with humour, light, thrilling and pretty heartbreaking.

I was trying to avoid the book as I’m scared of the topic but I’m glad I overcame this as I would have missed meeting a wonderful writer and a phantastic book. I also read „Looking for Alaska“ by him which I equally liked and it made me realize that it is pretty stupid of me not to pay enough attention to the Young Adult sector.

Would love to also recommend John Green’s YouTube Channel „Crash Course“ that he runs with his brother Hank. They give online courses there in History, Literature, Astronomy, Biology, Physics etc were they present a topic in 10-15 minutes episode. Great example how learning can be fun and I’m pretty hooked to this channel now.

I would also like to use this opportunity to promote „Waldpiraten“ a camp organised by Deutsche Krebshilfe for Kids with Cancer and their siblings, which I think is a brilliant idea.

More information can be found here:

I am going to send some money over to them and will add 1 € for each like and comment you guys put on here – what do you think ?

Which book made you weepy ?

Das Buch erschien im Hanser Verlag.

15 Kommentare zu “Day 7 Book-a-Day Challenge: A Book that made you cry

  1. Okay, so here is one more €.
    The last book that really made me weep was „Arbeit und Struktur“. The first book I remember that reduced me to tears was „Die Buddenbrooks“ when Hanno dies in the end and you didn’t even have the chance to say goodbye. I know that Thomas Mann makes you only crying with boredom 🙂

    • I promise to give Buddenbrocks a chance, it has been recommended to me several times. 2017 is the year of the Buddenbrocks – I promise and good to know I should pack hankies for the experience 😉

  2. Confessions for charity? I would like to do my part in contributing.
    Long time ago Erich Segal’s „Love story“ made me cry. I’m sure you know the film with the same title.

  3. Mir ging es bei das Schicksal ist ein mieser Verräter ebenso wie dir und zuletzt bei „Die Männer meines Lebens“ von Mary-Louise Parker und Irgendwo im Glück von Anna Mc Partlin. Möchte mich aber dagegen verwahren als crybaby eingeordnet zu werden 😉

    John Greens Bücher sind alle bei uns daheim vorhanden Young culture ist wirklich eine Fundgrube guter Bücher . Ich denke da auch Aristoteles & Dante. Großartig!

  4. There were not too books that made me cry, but this one was one of them. Cujo (Stephen King) made me cry (I don’t remember why). And when I started Kaputte Suppe (Broken Soup) by Jenny Valentine, I knew right away that I should not read that book in public.

  5. Für den guten Zweck: Rohinton Mistry – Das Gleichgewicht der Welt. Ich heule ja sonst eher bei Filmen, aber das habe ich mehrmals weglegen müssen, weil ich nix mehr sehen konnte. Auch jetzt, Jahre später, kommen die Tränchen schon wieder hoch…

  6. Same same! I cried my eyes out too for that one (The Fault in our Stars) and don’t normally consider myself a literary cry baby. I almost shed a tear at the end of Pursuit of Love when the lead character died. The other recent bawl was after reading some histories of world war 1. They were worse as all that really happened.

  7. Call me Heulsuse. Ich habe schon bei so vielen geweint, daß es mir unmöglich ist, eines speziell herauszugreifen. Aber ich erinnere mich zumindest, daß ich nach dem Tod von Betty („Betty Blue“) tagelang wie betäubt herumgelaufen bin. Kommt mir im Zustand des Nichtlesens sehr absurd vor.
    Das Thema Jugendbuch ist mittlerweile ein sehr schwieriges Thema für mich, aber ich möchte hier nicht deine Kommentarleiste dafür mißbrauchen. Kommt auf die Liste Unbedingt-noch-zu-schreibende-Blogartikel. 🙂
    LG Annett

  8. Ich hab’s noch nicht gelesen, werde nach dieser Empfehlung aber auch meine Angst vor dem Thema überwinden. Ich hab ja eigentlich auch nicht so nah am Wasser gebaut, aber solche Geschichten gehen immer ganz tief rein 😪

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