Day 8 Book-a-Day Challenge: A book that made you laugh


Comedy and Humor are not exactly my strong point – I go for dark and depressing anytime so I’m even more impressed when somebody manages to tickle my humor gene.

Tina Fey definitely is one of the few people who manages to do that. „Bossypants“ was a huge surprise for me. I didn’t know a lot about her, would probably not have bought the book but finding it in a free little library was brilliant.

“You could put a blond wig on a hot-water heater and some dude would try to fuck it.”

It’s not just funny but surprisingly full of very clever ideas, insights and I would never have expected to underline that many paragraphs.

I remember telling my bookclub about it and somehow the understood I was raving about a biography of Sarah Palin – you should have see the faces.
Everybody all quiet for a moment, stunned looks on their faces and I could nearly hear them think „how do we explain that naive German girl that Sarah Palin is actually a pretty awful person and nobody who we had hoped you feel the urge to underline every second sentence she wrote.
How happy they were when I explained „Nooo I’m reading a book by Tina Fey who IMPERSONATED Palin“

So which book do you turn to when in need for a good laugh ?

7 Kommentare zu “Day 8 Book-a-Day Challenge: A book that made you laugh

  1. For a good laugh there are many books I can read. First of all the greatest author for funny and clever books for me is Jasper Fforde with his Thursdaynext series , The last Dragon Slayer series and the Nursery Crime series. Mostly all of Douglas Adams and the Science Fiction of John Scalzi except his last book which was not very funny and not very good at all. Edward Abbey with his „Monkey Wrench Gang“ was as well a very funny book. Not to forget about the comics and cartoons I prefer. I hope that was enough information, and not to much and your toenails won’t curl up because of my bad written english. :))

    • No all great and I love Sci Fi with a bit of humor thrown in and of course Jasper Fforde – I knew that this is where your nick comes from. Great series 🙂

      • Yepp 😉 Fforde reißt mich immer wieder zu völligen losgelösten Begeisterungsstürmen hin, ich kann es nicht ändern. Wenn du SciFi mit Humor und Anspruch magst : Die Lange Erde von Terry Pratchett (sonst zumindest auf dt. nicht mein Geschmack, wie mir eine Lesefreundin versicherte auf engl. erheblich besser) und Stephen Baxter ist grandios. Nice WE

  2. Max Goldt „Quitten für die Menschen zwischen Emden und Zittau“. Das ist mein Lachklassiker, wenn man das so sagen kann. War damals ein Zufallsfund und ich verbinde ein sehr heiteres Wochenende unter Freunden damit. Wenn ich irgendwo „Getränke Hoffmann“ lese, fühle ich mich sofort heimisch. 🙂

  3. Von Tina Fey habe ich schon einmal gehört, aber noch nie etwas von ihr in der Hand gehabt. Ich bin sicher dass du die schon kennst aber die Känguru-Chroniken sind immer einen Lacher wert. Und es mag zwar Jugendbuch sein, aber ich würde es eher für alle Altersstufen deklarieren: „Tage mit Leuchtkäfern“. Zynisch-lustig…

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