Day 10 Book-a-Day Challenge: Turned into a good Movie


There were actually quite a few contestants up for that one. Not easy to choose but at this time last year we to the cinema to see „Carol“ and were quite blown away. The actors, the colors – what a wonderful adaptation. I had read the book before again so was actually pretty up to date and I loved the movie so much.

If you are interested in reading more about the book you can find my review here:

Other books that were turned into pretty good movies were  „Der Vorleser„, „Never let me go„, „Atonement“ or „The English Patient“ to name just a few. For a very recent one I would nominate „Arrival“ but here I only heart that it is a very good adaptation of Ted Chiang’s novel as I have not read it myself yet.

I’m wrecking my brain for terrible adaptations, there definitely are some, but it looks like I managed to completely erase them from my brain.

Which film adaptation did you love and were there any that you truly hated ?

2 Kommentare zu “Day 10 Book-a-Day Challenge: Turned into a good Movie

  1. + Howards End — wonderful adaptation of a perfect book.
    – Iris — film based on Iris Murdoch’s husband’s books of memoirs about her illness and death. Doesn’t do her life and work justice.
    + Wuthering Heights directed by Andrea Arnold. She’s always brilliant.
    + Gabrielle, directed by Patrice Chereau, adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s novella The Return. Both are extraordinary in their medium.
    + Talented Mr. Ripley by Anthony Minghella (based on Highsmith). Highsmith’s been lucky with adaptations, I think; or she knew who to sell movie rights to? Another good one: My American Friend by Wim Wenders. I haven’t read the Highsmith book, but the movie is excellent, and makes me want to go to Hamburg.
    + Mira Nair’s Vanity Fair.
    – The Hours was a shite film… then again, the Cunningham book wasn’t a whole lot better.
    + Sarah Waters too has been lucky with adaptations. Tipping the Velvet is an excellent TV series, beside being a page-turn-y historical romp.

  2. Da gibt es bestimmt einige. Im Moment fällt mir „Zeiten des Aufruhrs“ (Revolutionary Road) ein. Das Buch von Richard Yates habe ich (noch) nicht gelesen. Der Film jedoch hat mich sehr berührt. Hast Du es gelesen?

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