Day 12 Book-a-Day Challenge: A book you thought you would like but didn’t


You might know by now I love a good Dystopia and I can handle melancholia and some bleak darkness and I was so convinced this is going to be THE book for me.

A lot of people have recommended it so here I was ready to dive in and then somehow nope. Maybe it should have been a warning that I wasn’t too keen on the movie either that I had seen a few years before.

I just couldn’t bring myself to gather any sympathy for father or son. All their conversations were roughly like this:

Father: Do it now.
Son: I’m scared.
Father: Just do it.
Son: Are we going to die?
Father: No.
Son: Are you sure?
Father: Yes.

Then they walked again a little further down the road, pushed the shopping tray, looked for wood and food, went to sleep and started again the next day. Yeah that was some minimalist bleakness that was not for me.

Mr McCarthy has a lot of fans which he definitely deserves just I’m not going to be one. I have tried „No Country for old Men“ which I also didn’t like and not even finish, so I’ve given up hope for the two of us but I’m sure he doesn’t miss me 😉

Over to you now – which book did you think you would really like and then didn’t ?


7 Kommentare zu “Day 12 Book-a-Day Challenge: A book you thought you would like but didn’t

  1. Oh, jetzt hätte ich echt gedacht, das sei Deine Hausnummer … immer wieder schön, wenn einen Leute völlig überraschen. Ich schätze den Autoren übrigens sehr, auch wenn ich es kaum aushalte, seine Bücher zu lesen – ist einfach harter Tobak.

  2. Willy Vlautin’s „Northline“. I bought it on an impulse because the first lines really got me hooked but it all went downhill after the first 20 or so pages. I can’t even remember what it was about but sex and drugs might have been of importance.

  3. „Kruso“ wollte ich unbedingt mögen, Hiddensee um die Wendezeit, der Roman hat durchaus seine Stärken, konnte mich aufgrund von Längen und stilsitischen Brüchen nicht gänzlich überzeugen.
    Dann gehört für mich ebenso Sylvia Plaths „Die Glasglocke“ zu den Büchern, von denen ich mir mehr versprochen hatte, vielleicht auch aufgrund der unzähligen Vorschusslorbeeren. Last but not least „Der große Gatsby“, bei dem der Funke auch nicht übergesprungen ist. Wenn ich länger nachdenke, fällt mir bestimmt noch mehr ein.

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