Day 14 Book-a-Day Challenge: Best Book of the Year

Really ? Did I really choose this dumb question for my Challenge well knowing how much I cringe inside when I have to choose my favorite book of the year. Sometimes I’m not so sure about myself 😉

With a lot of hard thinking I’m going to go for „Ship of Theseus“ the gothic-noir-detective-book-in-a-book story by JJ Abrams. I had so much fun reading and re-reading the different „handwritten“ notes, following the tracks, trying to puzzle the story together.

It is also a great Christmas Gift if you are still looking for one. I got it last year and it was one of the first books I read this year. Just perfect to crawl up with it under a blanket and read for hours on end ..

You can find my review here:


What was your best book of 2016 ? Oh and by the way I might change my mind. Today this is the best book of 2016 – can be different tomorrow 😉

4 Kommentare zu “Day 14 Book-a-Day Challenge: Best Book of the Year

  1. Mein Vater schenkte es mir zu Weihnachten letztes Jahr und es liegt hier immer noch fast unberührt herum, da der Schreibstil mich nach Foster Wallace fast geistig getötet hätte. Ich finde es ist eine tolle Idee nur sehr fordernd und als Berieselung für den „netten“ Abend absolut ungeeignet… Leider…

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