Day 17 Book-a-Day Challenge: A book everyone hated but you liked


No idea why but critics hated that book and a lot of readers also very under impressed but I really liked the book. I thought it was an interesting interpretation of what our near future could look like. Women have taken over after men abandoned ship and implemented an ecological dictatorship. Not that they have much choice with climate change spiraling out of control and an approximate 5 years left before the shit really hits the fan.

Even more entertaining than the book I found the headlines and quotes in some reviews by very serious critics in ZEIT or FAZ:

„Was Karen Duve in ihrem neuen Roman „Macht“ entwirft, beleidigt Literatur und Verstand.“

„Männer sind der Welten Untergang“

„Hat sich von der Literatur verabschiedet: die Autorin Karen Duve“

„Fifty Shades of Grey“ trifft auf Natascha Kampusch: Warum Karen Duves neuer Roman „Macht“ einem so wahnsinnig auf die Nerven geht.“

Very entertaining – I probably can’t convince any of you guys to like this book but that is ok. If Karen Duve can take it, I can too.

In case you wanna know a bit more about the book you can read my review here:

What are the books you seem to be the only people on the planet that liked it ? Come on – Confession time 😉

4 Kommentare zu “Day 17 Book-a-Day Challenge: A book everyone hated but you liked

  1. Oh dear. I have to out myself now because I know you were one of the ones who hated this book. I chuckled at „Life Among the Savages“ by Shirley Jackson, but whenever it comes up at book club there is a collective moan. It’s a lightly fictionalized memoir of her life as a mother of four kids and I’m not sure if it’s the generation, the kids, the attempts to be funny, or whatever, but it certainly didn’t go down well with our group.

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