Day 19 Book-a-Day Challenge: A book you made a soundtrack for

Oh I do that quite a lot actually, so a little difficult to chose. Rob Sheffield’s „Love is a Mixtape“ would be a bit too obvious I guess, so I think I’ll go for John Steinbeck’s „Cannary Row“


I read this book while on holiday in Italy and the everything about the book yearned for a soundtrack to listen to in the evening in the garden of our little white cottage we had rented.

The complete review of „Cannery Row“ you can find here:

So I did and here you go:

Doc’s Playlist:

Monteverdi – Hor ch‘ el Ciel e la Terra
Scarlatti – Concerto Grossi
Beethoven – Große Fuge
Ravel – Pavane to a dead Princess
Ravel – Daphnis et Chloé
Bach – Brandenburgische Konzerte
Debussy – Clair de Lune
Debussy – The Girl with the flaxen hair
Beethoven – Mondscheinsonate
Monteverdi – Lamento della Ninfa – Amor
Monteverdi – Ardo
Gregorian Chants

Have you ever done a mixtape or a playlist for a book and if yes, please share 🙂

3 Kommentare zu “Day 19 Book-a-Day Challenge: A book you made a soundtrack for

  1. I never have made a soundtrack myself, but Cannery Row plus your soundtrack just got put on my „2017 definitely got to read/listen to list“.

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