Day 21 Book-a-Day Challenge: I judged this by its cover


OK – this is a bit of an embarrassing story. Got this book by a good friend and for some reason I had the book down as a freaky Sci-Fi classic. An inkling that the cover only increased. So I was reading away hoping and waiting for the  Spaceships, Time travel bits, Laser weapons but uhmmm…

SPOILER ALERT: definitely freaky but absolutely no Sci-Fi Spaceships, Aliens or anything similar in the book😉

I have no idea why I had this idea about the book but they do look like Aliens on the cover, right ?

The book is about a young, constantly drunk Irish Literature student who lives with his uncle in Dublin who works as a bookkeeper with Guinness and whom he strongly dislikes. He spends most of his time in bed reading or writing a novel. He does not believe a book should have a start and a finish, so he invents three storylines.

It is not an easy read, there is a lot of humour in the book which I didn’t completely get but still a great read. An even better read I guess when you are Irish yourself, have enjoyed a little intoxication of your preferred substances and as mentioned before – you are not waiting for spaceships.

It is a book that I guess should ideally be read in English but it is not easy. Would be interested to know if anybody read it in translation and how that worked out.

And over to you – any cover related misjudgments on your end ?

4 Kommentare zu “Day 21 Book-a-Day Challenge: I judged this by its cover

  1. Der große Flann O’Brien, einer meiner liebsten.
    Irgendwer hat mal über seine Literatur gesagt, ich glaube es war Harry Rowohlt (bin mir aber nicht sicher): „So hätte James Joyce geschrieben, wenn er nicht bekloppt gewesen wäre“ ;-)))

  2. I haven’t thought of one particular book yet, but in general I am often not happy with the American editions of books due to their covers. I see a book in a German bookstore and there is a cover which shouts out to my fellow passengers on the subway: „This woman is reading a worthwhile book. Show some respect.“ Same situation, same book, but the American cover and now I’m sending the message: „Yup, she’s American, all stereotypes in regard to intellectual capabilities apply.“ Okay, so now you know the only reason I read is to impress people on the subway, but I’m glad to have gotten that off my chest.

  3. Ich hab’s auf Deutsch gelesen und fand es trotzdem großartig! Es gibt ja diesen Witz, manche Bücher würde man erst in der Übersetzung von Harry Rowohlt so richtig verstehen – so ist das bei Flann O’Brien vielleicht? „The Poor Mouth“ fand ich als „Irischer Lebenslauf“ in seiner Übersetzung genauso gut.

    • Stimmt, ich sollte das unbedingt auch noch mal auf deutsch lesen. Es wurde mir von so vielen Leuten empfohlen auf deren Meinung ich Wert lege – gute Idee 🙂

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