Day 22 Book-a-Day Challenge: A Christmas Classic


Maybe a little predictable but I really do love Charles Dickens „A Christmas Carol“ and I usually read or watch it during Christmas in one form or the other.

My favorite Scrooge is Patrick Stewart aka Captain Picard and I also love the Disney Cartoon that I used to watch as a kid right before „Bescherung“

Do you have a favorite Christmas Classic ?


Ein Kommentar zu “Day 22 Book-a-Day Challenge: A Christmas Classic

  1. If I were allowed to include films, first place would be „It’s a Wonderful Life“. If I stick to the rules, then it’s „Miracle on 34th Street“, which I admittedly saw as a film first, but I’ve read it, too. A good friend gave me a first edition of that book as a goodbye present when I moved from New York to Germany. So it’s special not just due to the story, but also due to the book itself.

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