Bookclub Votings are in for 2017/2018


our Bookclub in session

Last night the white smoke came up and we finally have a new round of books to keep us going for yet another year of heated discussions, great food and too much wine.

The voting can be tough as we have a lot more suggestions usually then what is possible in a year, a highly complicated voting system with an even more fascinating system of possibilities for bribery 😉

But here we go, we nailed down 10 books that got more than 3 votes, leaving us with two more to choose from the list later on or flexiblity for some emergency read we might want to squeeze in.

The lucky winners this year are:

  1. Arundhati Roy – The ministry of utmost happiness
  2. Paul Beatty – The Sellout
  3. Jeannette Winterson – The Gap of Time
  4. Matthew Sullivan – Midnight at the Bright-Ideas Bookstore
  5. Marina Keegan – The Opposite of Loneliness
  6. Matt Haig – The Humans
  7. Yaa Gyasi – Homegoing
  8. Zora Neale Hurston – Their Eyes are watching God
  9. Fredrik Backman – A man called Ove
  10. David Grossman – A horse walks into a bar

So what do you think – did we do a good job? Did we vote for interesting books? Anything you have already read or plan to read?

Stay tuned for our reviews and now happy reading everyone

6 Kommentare zu “Bookclub Votings are in for 2017/2018

  1. A man called Ove soll wohl nicht wirklich gut sein … eher flach. Der neue Roman von Roy liegt auch bei mir bereit und ich freue mich sehr darauf. Der Haig würde mich interessieren.

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