Book-a-Day Challenge – Day 20


Not sure if Bookaholics, Bookworms and the like need a manual for reading, but this one really is a little gem and even the most seasoned reader will find something here. It talks about all the important questions that keep the bibliomaniac up at night. Why do we read? What should we read? How to find the right books to read and what on earth is the perfect order for our books?

Do we read enough of the classics (sounds a lot like do I eat enough greens) and the pleasures and difficulties that come with eating and drinking while reading. What are the right places and times to read and are we reading too fast or not fast enough?

Finally somebody who get’s it. Who understands how important these questions are for any serious bookaholic and it is a pleasure to read about it from a likeminded person who’s writing makes you turn another page and another one and another one until you are far too quickly at the end of this wonderful little treasure.

So do yourself a favour and get this book for yourself and all the bookworms in your life – it’s a great book to get lost in but one word of caution: it might cause you to go back to your shelves, pull some forgotten gem out and another one and before you know it you might start rearranging your library.


Compliment this great book „Gebrauchsanweisung fürs Lesen“ by Felicitas von Lovenberg (who is the publishing director of Piper) with Ella Berthoud’s „The Novel Cure“ and Andrea Gercks „Lesen als Medizin“ and finally Alberto Manguel’s „The History of Reading

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