Book-a-Day Challenge – Day 21

Ohhh the heated discussion we had in tonights bookclub meeting. Fervent lovers had to battle the sceptics who doubted the feasibilities of some actions. This is not a luke warm read. „If We Were Villains“ by M. L. Rio has written a stunnign book about a group of seven young Shakespearean actors at the Dellecher Classical Conservatory. The group is full of emotions, love, ambition and fierce competition. They are secluded from the real world and feel more at home in the Shakespearean world of verse, firelight, swords and leather-bound books than in a supermarket. Oliver the narrator and his friends play the same roles onstage and off: villain, hero, tyrant, tempress etc

It is tight knit group of good friends but in the final year the balance of power begins to shift. What were harmless rivalries turn into fierce and ugly ompetitions and at the opening night real tragedy and violence seeps into the theatre world. The next morning one of the students is dead and the group of friends come face to face with their most difficult action part ever: convincing themselves, each other and the police that they are innocent.

This is the perfect book for all the Thespians and Shakespeare Lovers out there who love a good mystery. This is a book best read in a few long sittings, whilst it’s raining outside with a glass of mulled wine and when you are done with it, contact the author on Twitter. She happily answers any question about the book, if they are not about the end, which is unwilling to discuss.

„If We Were Villains“ was one of my favorite novels this year and afterwards you might wanna read Donna Tartt’s „The Secret History“, another all-time favorite of mine.

The book is called „Das verborgene Spiel“ in German and was published by Penguin.

Bookclub Votings are in for 2018/19


Foto: Grazvydas

Nervenaufreibende Diskussionen, Debatten und Entscheidungsfindungen haben sich ausgezahlt. Die Ergebnisse sind da und ich präsentiere euch hier die Bücher die wir im nächsten Bookclub-Jahr lesen werden und auf deren Rezensionen hier ihr euch freuen dürft:

Naomi Alderman – The Power
Chloe Benjamin – The Immortalists
Anthony Doerr – All the light we cannot see
Louise Erdrich – Future home of the living God
Andrew Sean Greer – Less
Anthony Marra – The Tsar of Love and Techno
Ian McEwan – The Children Act
David Mitchell – Slade House
Celeste Ng – Everything I never told you
ML Rio – If we were Villains
Mary Shelley – Frankenstein

Da sind dieses Mal gleich vier Bücher dabei die ich bereits gelesen habe, das gabs noch nie.

Was sagt ihr zu unserer Liste? Sind welche dabei die euch besonders interessieren – welche hättet ihr als Bookclub-Lektüre vorgeschlagen?