Book-a-Day Challenge – Day 3


Had to take this one diredtly from the blurp of the book, couldn’t resist – I couldn’t say it any better:

„Forget the Kama Sutra. When it comes to inventive sex acts, just look to the sea. There we find the elaborate mating rituals of armored lobsters; giant right whales engaging in a lively threesome whilst holding their breath; full moon sex parties of groupers and daily mating blitzes by blueheaded wrasse. Deep-sea squid perform inverted 69s, while hermaphrodite sea slugs link up in giant sex loops. From doubly endowed sharks to the maze-like vaginas of some whales, Sex in the Sea is a journey unlike any other to explore the staggering ways life begets life beneath the waves.

Beyond a deliciously voyeuristic excursion, Sex in the Seauniquely connects the timeless topic of sex with the timely issue of sustainable oceans. Through overfishing, climate change, and ocean pollution we are disrupting the creative procreation that drives the wild abundance of life in the ocean. With wit and scientific rigor, Hardt introduces us to the researchers and innovators who study the wet and wild sex lives of ocean life and offer solutions that promote rather than prevent, successful sex in the sea. Part science, part erotica, Sex in the Sea discusses how we can shift from a prophylactic to a more propagative force for life in the ocean.“

This is an incredibly interesting and funny book where you learn so much more about the various creatures in the sea than you ever expected. I totally fell in love with the love sick lobster and if I wasn’t madly in love with octopodes before …

This book is the perfect Christmas gift for the inner Marine Biologist in yourself or any of your family members.

Compliment „Sex in the Sea“ with Sly Montgomery’s „The soul of an Octopus“ and Susan Middleton’s „Spineless: Portraits of Marine Invertebrats, the Backbone of Life“

Do you have a favorite animal in the deep sea…