Day 18 + 19 Penguin Book-a-Day-Challenge (Massive tome + travelling home reading this)


OK – confession time! I have commitment issues. There are so many beautiful books out there and so little time, so committing myself to one big book for a period of time is a tough one for me 😉

Mr Murakami also has the habit to bring out these massive tomes but somehow picking them up comes totally naturally for me. One of my favourite massive tomes that I can highly recommend to pretty much anybody on this planet is the wonderfully weird „1Q84“.

Getting out of a taxi prompted by the driver’s enigmatic suggestion sets Aomame on a puzzling trip where she quickly starts to see discrepancies in the world around her. She seems to have entered, a parallel existence, which she calls 1Q84 — Q for question mark.?  A world that is full of questions.

A love story, a thriller, a fantasy, and of course a dystopia that plays with George Orwell’s 1984—1Q84 is a fest for the imagination, a novel that immediately sucks you into its orbit and (depending on the speed of your reading) keeps you for a while until you reluctantly leave this new reality apparelled with an additional moon and an eerie group called „the little people“.

So enjoy your trip and fasten your seat-belt 😉

For day 19 „Travelling home reading this) I have to keep it blank I think. I simply don’t know yet. Not sure if I will be finishing my current book until Sunday when we take off, so no idea – no picture.

See you tomorrow.