Meine Woche

Gesehen: The Church (1989) von Michele Soavi mit Asia Argento. Italienischer Horrorfilm um eine alte Kathedrale, die über einem Massengrab erbaut wurde, entwickelt seltsame Kräfte und hält eine Reihe von Menschen im Inneren mit Geistern eines Massakers aus dem zwölften Jahrhundert gefangen. Gute Unterhaltung.

Alucarda (1977) von Juan López Moctezuma. Blutiger mexikanischer Vampirfilm in dem sehr viel geschrien und Satan gelegentlich mit Saitan übersetzt wird. Ebenfalls eine Empfehlung.

Gehört: The Church Soundtrack, Ya Habibi Ta’ala – Lynn Adib & Zeid Hamdan, I’d like to teach the world to sing – Amiina, Inspirit – Julianna Barwick, I Still Dream About You, Sometimes But Not Always (Snorri Hallgrímsson Rework, Oddments – Motion Sickness of Time Travel, Dark Complex – Alphaxone

Gelesen: France to start research into ‚enhanced soldiers‚, Als Frauen sich das Schreiben eroberten, dieses Interview mit Gal Gadot, Cal Newport on the rise and fall of getting things done, A Son Took His Mother Out Fishing. She Never Came Back.

Getan: viele Meetings und Telefonate, Päckchen zur Post gebracht, spazieren gegangen und Yoga gemacht

Gegessen: ein super leckeres gewonnenes Abendessen vom Pacific Times

Getrunken: Negroni (nicht gemocht) ausgetauscht mit Lagavulin (sehr gemocht)

Gefreut: Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim wurde zur Journalistin 2020 gewählt, diese süße Aktion im irischen Parlament und natürlich über das gewonnene Abendessen

Geweint: nein

Geärgert: nein

Geklickt: Wildlife photographer of the year und Brainpickings Maria Popova hat die 20 besten Bücher 2020 ausgewählt

Gestaunt: über die unglaublich klaren Pluto Fotos, über den Bride Waterfall in Peru

Gelacht: über Katzen

Gewünscht: endlich Jalousien für unsere Balkontüren/Fenster im Wohnzimmer,  diese Handtücher, diese Tischdeko

Gefunden: nix

Gekauft: eine Backwaage und Wein

Gedacht: As our own species is in the process of proving, one cannot have superior science and inferior morals. The combination is unstable and self-destroying. //Arthur C. Clarke

Robert Burns Night

Burns by Iain McIntosh

Foto: Ian McIntosh

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight is the Night. It’s Burns Night and I wonder why I haven’t relived the tradition of Burns Night for so long. When I lived in Scotland there was no way to not celebrate Burns Night and maybe my months of „Celebrating Alcohol by not drinking it“ made me think about it again.

Traditionally the Burns Night is celebrated on January 25th not just in Scotland but wherever there was a high population of Scottish Migrants. You meet for supper and have Haggis with Neeps and Tatties (Kartoffeln und Steckrüben) and wash that down with generous amounts of Whisky.

Burns is probably best known outside of Scotland for his song „Auld Lang Syne„.

My favourite Burns Night happened in Dundee actually, one of the most unattractive areas of Scotland also called the armpit of Scotland. Working for United Distillers in Perth served me with a constant supply of alcohol which might have helped expanding my circle of friends. Dundee has a university and I had met some Spanish guys there who I was giving English lessons to. Their accent was terrible, they could hardly be understood for the life of it. Beard, Bird, Birth – it all sounded the same. So once a week I would take the bus from Perth to Dundee and we worked on their pronunciation and they were pretty unsuccessfully trying to install some Economics into my brain. We usually ended the tuition with wonderful Spanish food and complicated European art movies.

On this Burns Night my backpack was full with little Whisky Bottles, that my boss allowed me to take. They were „old stock“ meaning the labels were damaged or something and could not be used any more. I remember it was a year of heavy snow for Scotland, I stumbled through the snowy armpit and was welcomed by my Spaniards with the Traditional Haggis Supper. I love Haggis. When you forget what it is made of it’s totally fine. I had prepared a Burns Poem for each of them and we were in the middle of the merry Haggis&Whisky Supper when suddenly the electricity went out.

Not for the first time nobody had remembered to get coins for the coin operated meter so we had plenty of candles. It was such a romantic night somehow. Snowing outside, inside we were sitting in the kitchen in candlelight drinking gallons of Whisky reciting Burns poems in terrible Scots and had a great time.

A Red, Red Rose

Unfortunately no great time the next morning. Of course I had missed the last bus, had cuddled up on the Sofa in the kitchen with a blanket. No electricity also meant no heating and I had frozen stiff during the night. And then the walk of shame to work the next day but hey it was worth it and Scottish Employers especially in the Alcohol business are pretty understanding towards young girls late and hangover for work. I mean it was Burns Night after all 😉

So – the plan is: Next Year I will be organizing a Burns Night with my friends. Because of my no alcohol in January Resolution no Burns Dinner tonight but next year.

I make sure there will be Poems, Haggis, candles, no heating, hopefully some snow and definitely gallons of Whisky. Will you join ? 🙂

slàinte mhath