Day 20 Penguin Book-a-Day Challenge (Set where I live)


Thomas Manns late work „Doktor Faustus“ is quite a few things combined. A „Künstlerroman“ based on the „Faust“ story, a novel about the role of Music and also a novel about the Munich society. I had a go a few years ago but have to confess that I failed tremendously a few chapters into the novel.  Definitely my fault, not his.

Any „Doktor Faustus“ Fans out there who can advise the wary Thomas Mann beginner ? Other than „Death in Venice“ we haven’t had so much fun and success together. I am totally fine with all the other plentiful Manns – Klaus, Erika, Heinrich even Golo – but Thomas and I, no luck yet.

2 Kommentare zu “Day 20 Penguin Book-a-Day Challenge (Set where I live)

  1. Try his late work „Bekenntnisse des Hochstaplers Felix Krull“ – Thomas Mann didn’t finish the book and it’s my favorite one of him. It’s a parody of Goethe’s „Poetry and Truth“ and is about a morally flexible though irresistible conman.

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