Meine Lieblinge (6) or Lovers I had and still have ?


Guys I really hope this isn’t going to be the post that lands Bingereader in prison, but it’s time to own up to the sins of my Youth.

Daunt Books is probably one of my oldest Lovers (in terms of bookshops, ok ?) besides the Buechergilde in Mainz. I stumbled across its branch on Marylebone High Street in London when I started working nearby about 1000 years ago. I spent many lunch times huddled over books I wanted to read and keep and sadly mostly couldn’t afford. The super cute temp that worked there for a few months added to the attraction enormously, even so I never dared asking her out for coffee 😉

Life in London is and always has been mega expensive and it really often was the question of books or food. Luckily never had to renounce alcohol working for United Distillers but books were a real treat then. So here comes the confession for which I hope Daunt Books will not make me pay. I quite often bought a book, reading it very very carefully only to bring it back a few days later, claiming the person I meant to give it to as a present had read it already *blush*

Yes – bad bad Bingereader. I feel guilty and ashamed and will never ever do that again, big promise – but these were hard times. Honestly. BUT I sooo make up for it now, every time I am in London by buying tons of books there.


Daunt is just one of the most wonderful bookshops. The staff is always friendly,  well-read and happy to recommend books I would have overlooked otherwise. All of the 6 branches are nice but my favourites are Marleybone High Street, Holland Park and Chelsea with their long oak galleries, and endless selections of books shelved by country, no matter if it is fiction or non-fiction. They aim to provide a full portrait of a country or city and are pure heaven for seasoned travellers and culturally curious people.

So in case I end up in prison, can you please arrange for the appropriate bunk mate and send me books from Daunts but most definitely visit one of their branches when you are in London next time. Stock up on good books and carry them around in their hip fashionable bag, and Bibliophiles around the world will be able to spot you as one of their own . No book lover should ever be without one.

Here the link and now I check for flights to London …

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