Day 2 Book-a-Day Challenge: The Book that hooked me into Reading


This series got me pretty hooked and I couldn’t wait to cycle to the library every week to pick up the next volume of the Famous Five. I made my way through all of them and I guess nearly everything else that Enid Blyton has written.

George was of course my role model 😉

Maybe not exactly high brow literature but it certainly was important in shaping my love for reading. Next to Enid Blyton it was probably Astrid Lindgren, Erich Kästner, tons of comics, TKKG and Alfred Hitchcocks „Three Investigators“ better known as „Die drei Fragezeichen“.

To be honest I read everything I could lay my hands on. Books were not so easy to come by, so I read whatever I could find. Konsalik and Buddenbrocks, the Volksbrockhaus, Nils Holgersson and Herodotus, etc etc

Which books are guilty of turning you into an obsessed Reader ?

12 Kommentare zu “Day 2 Book-a-Day Challenge: The Book that hooked me into Reading

  1. Jetzt musste ich echt schmunzeln als ich das Buchcover sah. Auch ich hab alle 5-Freunde-Bücher verschlungen. Und whe, es hat mich jemand beim Lesen gestört …..

  2. „Books were not so easy come by…“. Das galt auch für mich, die auf der anderen Seite Deutschlands ihre Jugend verlebt hat udn wo Bücher begrenzt verfügbar waren. Unzählige DDR-Kinderbücher wie den neuaufgelegten „Bootsmann auf der Scholle“ von Benno Pludra oder passend zur Weihnachtszeit von Konrad Wolf „Die Weihnachtsgans Auguste“. Später Jane Austens „Pride and Prejudice“, die ich mit zunehmendem Alter kritischer sehe.

  3. Gosh! Embarrassingly probably the Nancy Drew detective series 😂😂😂. And flower fairies for poetry. You know, it’s a start. And I know the names of most wild flowers…

  4. I’m with Lucy. It was Nancy Drew. My grandfather died suddenly when I was in 3rd grade and we were at my grandparent’s house for two weeks. I was sad and had nothing to do and then the neighbor gave me my first three Nancy Drew books. I’d found a new and wonderful world and have never left it ever again.

  5. Pollyanna, the very first book I remember reading on my own. And what hooked me and I still read with pleasure now and again is Little Women.

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