Day 22 – The book I most often give as a gift


This book is just the perfect gift. It is a book that I liked when I was around 18 and still love it… it just get’s better and I discover different things each time I read it.

And because this is the case I will give it this year to one of my readers here. So leave a comment until the 31.12. midnight 😉 and let me know which book you most often give away as a present and why and also if you would prefer to have Virginia Woolf’s „A room of one’s own“ in English or German.

The book is called „Ein eigenes Zimmer“ in German and was published in Fischer Verlag.

The lucky winner will receive a brand new copy so you have lot’s of space in the margins for your own notes and underlinings.

Good luck!

6 Kommentare zu “Day 22 – The book I most often give as a gift

  1. Ooops aber danke für die Erinnerung Miss Booleana. Habe die glückliche Lucy zwar per whatsapp über ihren Gewinn informiert, aber hier nie offiziell verkündet:
    Die glückliche Gewinnerin von Virgina Woolfs „A room of one’s own“ ist Lucy 🙂
    Ich kann ja nächstes Mal ne Whatsapp an die „Spätleser“ schicken, falls es mal wieder was zu gewinnen gibt 😉

  2. Thank you! It had something to do with me getting into trouble in a London bookshop over Christmas for not having read it yet! Apparently (according to the above-mentioned bookshop) next year, it will be 100 years old (meaning the copyright is up).

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